Hi, Welcome to the Hughes family: Nancy, Jamie, Bill, and Larry. This picture was taken just before Jamie, became Mrs. David Gibbons on August 14, 1993.

Information About Me:

Name: Llewellyn Williams ( Bill ) Hughes III & Nancy Lynn
Say What

AOL Instant Messenger Names: BHughesIII, LWHughes3rd, & NancyLHughes

Birth Date: I was born in San Diego on December 29, 1941

Location: 1540 Goodwin DR., Vista, CA. 92084-3030

United States of Americaflag_usa.gif

Phone: 760-726-4694

Map to my home in Vista.

Marital Status: Married, Happily.

Computers: This one, with all these funny little buttons,
that make noise if they're touched.

Hobbies: Observing other beach bums or desert rats.

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George in Utah. May 8, 2009

Las Vegas July 4, 2009

Halloween '09

Cari in California Dec. 24, 2009

Our beloved Friend, Wife, Mother, and Grandmother: Kathy Zakocs Passed in the arms of her family, in her home on January 10, 2010.

Grandkids on Grandpa Joe Zakocs's trip to the Wild Animal Park.

Our New Grand Babies. :-)




Slide Show of Above.

Patricia Lynn

Alexis Nicole

Alexis Gibbons' Communion May 8, 2010

Megan Elizabeth

Brianna Marie

Slide Show of Above.

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Be an American, Join the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps.
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Home pages for:
Mom: Beth.
Dad: Lou.
Son: Larry.
Daughter: Jamie.
Bro: Jerry's Business. (Printed circuit board manufacturer.)
Sister-in-law: Dine and George Zeilger
Sister-in-law: Debbie and Chris Tascher
Sister-in-law: Doe and Dave Thomas
Son's in-laws: Joe and Kathy Zakocs
Friends: Cameron and Becki Caldwell
Childhood Friends: Frank & Angie Renteria


National Hot Rod Association

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